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Create Less Waste

In a world of uncertainty, there is one thing that we are certain about. That is where we can, using reusable face mask, rather than single use disposable face mask, can make a difference to our planet.  We are a small eco-conscious brand with a big purpose.

Each disposable face mask can last one day of usage.  In comparison, these reusable face mask can be used for up to 7 days before washing and ready for reuse. All you have to do is change the filter each week.

Our specially designed pack contains 1 cotton face mask plus 4 interchangeable PM2.5 active carbon filters.


A selection of our face masks is specially handmade in Bali by artisan seamstress who are currently struggling to make a living due to adverse impact on the tourism industry. We are proud to be working with a very talented group of artisan tailor who have created these face masks for you! 

We also stock face masks made in Shenzen, China that produces quality cotton reusable face masks.

Comfortable, Stylish and Washable

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Local and reliable

"So glad that I found your page after searching endlessly on amazon and eBay with no luck"

Emma G


"The masks are so comfortable. Thanks."

Debbie M

Fast Response

"Thanks for fast reply to my queries. I really appreciate your time in answering"

Mat P

Shipped reliably from Sydney, Australia