How to maintain your reusable face mask

Wash your face mask

Our cotton reusable face mask is washable and reusable.  To ensure face mask last longer, please wash the face mask in a bag or a pillowcase. The most convenient way is to pop them in washing machine, warm wash with fabric safe disinfectant and/or detergent. You can also gently hand wash the face mask in warm hot water and scrub for 5 minutes before cold rinsing. Hang to dry completely. Remember to remove the filters before washing. The filter can be reused the next time, just store filter in resealable bag.

Storing a face mask

The next important thing is to ensure that you store in it a safe and hygienic way.

After each use, carefully remove the face mask from your face by touching only the earloops and fold half and store in a clean disposable/ resealable plastic bag before popping it into your bag. WHO has recommended washing face mask after each use.

After washing, you can also store the face mask in a clean disposable bag ready for the next use.

Have 2 or more mask on hand

It’s advisable to have at least 2 face masks on hand per person as it is important to keep proper hygiene for effective use of the face mask. Wash one and let dry one evening and you can use the other one face mask while the other is drying out.

Remember to:

Keep social distancing

Maintain proper hand hygiene by washing our hands thoroughly.

Disinfecting home surfaces

Wear your face mask in public areas.

Store your face mask properly.

Wash your face mask regularly

Replace the filters every 5 days of use.

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